Hyphens Pharma first to introduce bioabsorbable metallic implants to Vietnam 

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  • Exclusive distributor for Syntellix AG products in Vietnam
  • Syntellix manufactures MAGNEZIX® for quicker and safer bone recovery
  • MAGNEZIX® is a magnesium alloy metallic implant that can be reabsorbed by the body

Singapore, 17 June 2019 – Hyphens Pharma International Limited (“凯帆药剂国际有限公司”, “Hyphens Pharma”, or the “Company”, and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”), Singapore’s leading specialty pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare group, has launched MAGNEZIX® implants by Syntellix AG (“Syntellix”) in Vietnam.

Syntellix is a Germanybased company that specialises in the research and development, and sales of cuttingedge bioabsorbable metal implants. Its innovative MAGNEZIX® magnesium alloy has received several prestigious innovation awards over the years, and was the world’s first approved bioabsorbable metallic material for orthopaedic implants to be introduced. The company’s range of MAGNEZIX® products is designed to provide surgeons and patients with advanced implants that offer a previously unattainable combination of metallic stability, degradability and biocompatibility.

MAGNEZIX® implants are used to keep broken pieces of bones together for healing and growth. Its innovative characteristic is in its ability to be dissolved and reabsorbed within the human body due to its unique magnesium alloy compound.

This promotes a safer and quicker healing process compared to common metal implants as patients do not need to undergo another surgical intervention for the removal of such implants. Magnesium also has an inhibitory effect on infection and is well tolerated. In current publications on various clinical applications, doctors rate MAGNEZIX® implants as being advantageous or clinically superior to conventional titanium implants.

Hyphens Pharma has an exclusive distribution agreement with Syntellix for the marketing and distribution of its products in Vietnam.

Executive Director, Mr Tan Chwee Choon, commented: “This is the first time MAGNEZIX® is hitting the Vietnam market. Given its accolades and the stamp of approval from Singapore’s Health Science Authority, we believe that MAGNEZIX® will be well received by the Vietnamese medical industry. MAGNEZIX® will be made available through hospitals and orthopaedic specialist clinics. This is part of our promise to bring world class healthcare to the general public in each of our markets.”

Syntellix founder and CEO, Prof. Utz Claassen, stated: “We are convinced that our highlydeveloped magnesium technology has the potential to replace conventional titanium, steel and polymer implants in the long term. The coverage of the important Vietnamese market through our partnership with Hyphens Pharma will therefore be a significant milestone and success factor towards the pursuit of our mission of “less pain, less sorrow and less risks” for the good of many patients in the ASEAN region and all over the world.” 



About Syntellix AG

Syntellix AG was established in 2008 in Germany, under the overall management of Prof. Utz Claassen. The startup succeeded in making the breakthrough after a great deal of highly committed work: by setting up an interdisciplinary network of outstanding scientists at various research locations, Syntellix succeeded in developing MAGNEZIX® within five years and launching it on the market a truly revolutionary material which, despite its metallic properties and high stability, can be completely absorbed within the body and is replaced by the body’s own bone tissue.

Today, Syntellix is an internationally operating medtech company with headquarters in Hannover, Germany, and subsidiaries in Singapore, China, the Philippines, Brazil and the US. The company is the world’s market and technology leader in the field of bioabsorbable metallic orthopaedic implants and has been honoured with numerous important awards and prizes, lately it has been a winner in the Product of the Year category of the international Sustainability Award 2018 program and was awarded with the 2019 German Innovation Award in Gold.

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 About Hyphens Pharma International Limited

Hyphens Pharma International Limited and its subsidiaries (the “Group“) is Singapore’s leading specialty pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare group leveraging on its diverse footprint in ASEAN countries. The Group has a direct presence in Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, and is supplemented by a marketing and distribution network covering six additional jurisdictions, namely, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Brunei, Cambodia, Oman and Bangladesh.

Singapore is the Group’s regional headquarters, where its strategic planning, finance, regulatory affairs, research and development, legal, business development and logistics operations are based. The Group’s core business comprises the following segments: Specialty Pharma Principals, Proprietary Brands, and Medical Hypermart and Digital. Besides marketing and selling a range of specialty pharmaceutical products in selected ASEAN countries through exclusive distributorship or licensing and supply agreements with brand principals mainly from Europe and the United States, the Group also develops, markets and sells its own proprietary range of dermatological products and health supplement products. In addition, the Group operates a medical hypermart for healthcare professionals, healthcare institutions and retail pharmacies, to supply pharmaceutical products and medical supplies.

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