Proprietary Brands

Proprietary Brands

We develop, market and sell our own proprietary range of dermatological products (Ceradan®,TDF® and CG 210® brands) and health supplement products (Ocean Health® brand). Ceradan®TDF® and CG 210® are under the purview of Hyphens Dermatology, a strategic business unit of Hyphens Pharma to grow our skin health business.


Our Dermatological Products

We engage in the research and development of medical dermatological products to meet the needs of patients suffering from various skin disorders. We have developed a proprietary range of medical skincare and pharmaceutical products, with a focus on atopic dermatitis, acne, ageing skin and hyperpigmentation.

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Our Health Supplements Products

Current product offerings under our Ocean Health® range are specially formulated to address various specific health needs. These products are in the categories of general health, heart health, joint health, physical health, brain health, eye health and children’s health.

We have a strong retail distribution channel for our Ocean Health® products and we believe that we carry one of the most widely distributed health supplement products in Singapore.

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